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I think, mostly running thoughts, being born * thank you

It is true support that I admire

Do not always take pleasure in being female sexed, intriguing to meet someone who rearranges

I was scared but importantly I liked it. Even more importantly I instigated

Born at 5.52 cusping Aries Taurus with Scorpio in Mercury Mars and Saturn

I sang a verse and said a poem

I don't care of other peoples ideas of what I should be

Expression in those terms is part of survival

There is a huge part of my world with which I prefer to keep behind closed doors, believe me I am at challenge, revealing in this way has brought me to question why I keep so many secrets

My particular affinity for those who are misunderstood is at root, it's an axiological aesthetic fueled by what is misunderstood

Some objects I know belong to me before they are in my possession

I have an idea, art stands alone

If you think for a second you are not free, remember the spinning chain with a mouth that bites it's own finger

Imagine a little iridescent blue butterfly that crosses an ocean, that is me

Realization that I am your baby

Decided to share myself because there was " No flower, like that flower, which knew itself in the garden, and fought the knife. "

Axial relationship with mass that moves itself as everything needed to generate energy has already been provided

It only needs to know itself image pattern while running

Homo damnnatur ad esse liberum

If I'm so good at keeping secrets, how many secrets am I keeping from myself

If you thought you had a thought before now, set that thought free

I do not live at the end of the sentence I live at the beginning

I will not stop fighting until I AM HEARD Battle Against Inertia

To make ones own language exist, classification - people who have great internal dialogue (myself)

It's easier to live in the dark inside, but I was born at daybreak, had to fight so much head first with no choice but to walk into light

The first shrill cry the universe inverted as it knew something broke the mold, the feet were shuffling

O + / left handed / born on a cusp / MBTI states I am an INFP

I'm scared to say these things out loud because I think they will put me in a cell

Realization I always knew who I was


Had a glass of water in the shower

If I could pick up my dream and tell it to go one way I would give it to you when you had mouth, and ' say I'm so sorry then walk away

Mind is fasting forwarding now to a lavish room with Caleb, he has given me drugs and we are long night gowns on a low bed, he didn't say she didn't nor does he say she did, We watch a cartoon of animals playing people fast forwarding on a television

Admit to the fact we do not understand the mind or spirit of animals, surrender to ideas of destruction for creations sake

Based on shadow visions of what comes, that artist will now annihilate what was created for me as I have asked another artist to create by this act - I predict my own approaching realities

Had to devastate the thing that I made, it felt better to destroy it than it did to make destructive severe, thrown out the window smashed into a million bits

Parting ways

I cancel my own thought because I know it's an unnecessary know

I'm putting it where it belongs Im the only one that knows it's place

I'd like to see the glass rip the flesh off. Let the eye balls roll all the way back in my head because I cant relate it

Met someone today who's eyes were so piercing I was unable to process sound at normal decibel In that case was not image or language based but measured by restriction, was not a means of presentation but an action of deletion

I made a universe of trash, it is smoking on the inside

All the glasses drop to the floor into uncountable pieces

Have secret lives

The hour is making me curve sensitive, weary trade off

Feel the rage in the hole

@kritbangkok was asked to destroy or gift ART depending on a rodents shadow vision to express mystery of elimination

Now we admit, we do not understand the mind or spirit of animals and surrender to destruction for creations sake together

I had not consumed " meat by product " in a long time had to. Consume chicken nuggets

Sent a floaty up river forever, the only thing that held it together was free sauce

What else is there to paint about ?

The golden arches, I went corporate in an honest way

Its chasing free range chicken that runs around with it's head cut off, rotisserie style to be eaten in your dreams

I'm in full public tears in nervous what

No one can control the privacy. Moment downgrade 1

I wake alone, It is lonely

I don't want to but I have to keep going with powerful force

I have a responsibility to activate because I own the will to ensue, so feels like first time

I'm so proud of the device for letting me project what I touch


A belief was flying ' knocked over some cups and objects on window sill

Imprinting now because of sensitivity, extremely affected on my emotional spectrum

Open all the windows in all rooms, release old constraints

Forced plants in my house into growth focus on fighting decay

Just stretched meshs out to all corners of the universe, lost my breath, morph projection

Went so deep into my mind I started sweating

Spoke same sentence as MDQJR without sequence, totally enigmatic

I have started to see this energy matter formation between I and other individuals where we equal- appearing as a mixture, silly putty over huge rubber band elasticity cords in the depth layer

Then you realize that the mirror was not only looking at you but, it was also talking back with an attitude

Going to spin wet web to toward the east and open up a portal with a tongue kiss

I was in my spot and the sky got cut open, started bleeding white gauze

Feel vibratory patterns from sources, so I have to regulate interaction with precision

I believe it's passing through me from higher aligned order to which I am only minutely aware comes in an astute form of language and image

Spinning it out

Mesh string out and next step you take don't let the feet come up off floor

Positive external cause provokes negative external effect, it's degrading

Still - experiencing digression from the others external AM consciousness imprint

I just went so hard my whole body was contorted sweating and a plant grew out of my mouth

Spun a funnel and the bottoms of my feet were vibrating all the points lit up and showed themselves, experienced a unconstrained vortex confirming design

Top left corner and bottom right warp stretched the phone and force language vertical italic the wrong way

I flooded it through open channels and grew with the natural material, burn money candle to promote it

Went with the widest mesh, addressed plants to hold the right, and fight to change

All the light opened up the windows came

Affected every plant on earth, living and dead

From time to time I will say something or sing something that is in someones mind that they never said outloud

It opened I saw all bits light up so it is the perfect time to run on

Eye lids only dropped, also thinking that I was yoga with hands in milky thing material

My family came in the room, she was standing behind me and began to play with my hair, at this point I cry

An honest expression of self expression


Lypo-spheric. GSH1 Lypo-Spheric Age Blocker. 1direct effect to present digestive system Magnesium B-complex B-12 Inositol Niacin Fish Oil D3 Calcium D3 400 iu - An array

Bach honey suckle initiating entrance into mind with liquid anti cancer

Fish oil omega3 full flush calcium 600 b-complex "time-released" D3 1200lm niacin 500mg flushfree and 1 green horse pill of magnesium slippery impossible to swallow Vitamin C with folic acid 2000mg

Waiting on lypo's to prevent physical strain on digestive system

lypo-Sph GSH nano-spheres 450-mg gluthione - 1000 mg phospholipids lypo-Sph AGE block 313.5 mg block nutrients - 2,450 phospholipids essential for now

Lypo-spheric GSH Lypo-Age blocker to gag reflex

B12,B complex, C 1000mg, honeysuckle, 500 calcium, D3, fish oil, magnesium, 2 packets lyposomal nano spheres

Exposed to Long light wave that oxidizes melanin direct natural vitamin D

Going to take my vitamins now but, it will be hard to swallow

In order - Biotin 5000mcg, Calcium 500mg, B complex, E-400IU, magnesium, B12 500mcg, Ginkgo Biloba 60mg, D3 x 4, C 1000 personal favorite, last but not least FISH OIL - one thing I can assure, no deficiencies occur

(oxygen) x (sun) heart into zone V, beaming high laughing Lypo Spheric GHS - Lypo Spheric AGE BLOCKER

Lypo- Spheric AGE Blocker via "smart" Lyposomal Spheres 313.5 block nutrients - 2,450 mg Essential Phospholipids digestion with out H20 VERY uncomfortable, gag reflects a reflex, taste of what I imagine dolphin sperm to taste < temperature + consistency

Had to spend the $ on the diet %‚ annoyed Ā exchange w/e

2 Wellness Formula capsules

Vitamin choke hold

Calcium 600mg natural Bcomplex + folic acid C , fish oil D3 Biotin 5000mcg Ginkgo Biloba 60mg glycosides D3 1200 iu Niacin 500mg E-400iu B-12 Magnesium smells fighting pre cancer cells dry tongue and metallic taste textures

I live in my cause

@ExistingSelf is fighting cell phone radiation with radical vitamin conditioning

Lonicera caprifolium honeysuckle to system releasing nervous tension

Lypo-spheric Vitamin C 1000 mg LivOn Encapsulation utilizing Liposomal, tasting a rotten seed from 1970

Many vitamins unknown because of prediction aim to be young until death 2 known because of potency, Lypo-Sp/AGE-Blocker, ¢ Lypo-Sphericā„¢GSH

B-complex, Calcium instead Fish oil + D3, magnesium, ginko biloba hard to swallow Biotin, Niacin easy to swallow

E-400, B-12 more D3 + the variables dream of pill bottles floating within thin air, I grabbed the Omega-3s and they where covered in goo

Magnesium BComplex Folic C B12 E-400 Ginkgo Biloba Niacin Biotin D3 Calcium - unable to swallow fish oil too slippery, 2nd attempt to fish oil hole in the back of throat success

Vitamin time

Small victorious add up

Black market kombucha baby


I drink an abnormal amount of water or else


My legs are so sore I can barely stand

Creatively and physically stretched very thin

My heart is pounding

20 pushups 80 crunches various stretching, mild disappointment with time and rep numerical

Listening to the choir of no destination

I have to get into the water

To be incognito, be camouflage, status undefiled rubs that spot of nowhere

20 pushups 120 sit up . Stretch spilt stretch 3.5 mile run to Williamsburg cross bridge NYC - then back

Elation mid bridge, spirit leaves body and is pulled two feet ahead and mesh with moving water, occurrence is ecstasy

Sets of staircases are endless

Backbend to be abstracted action with my mind rolling wheelies, vertebrae twist

Nano vitamin focus in thickness, sweat hits the floor on that

There are different layers in the levels, a rippling prism at 33 thousand feet in a desert cloud location, fractal rivers halo of blush glowing at the edges

Key flexibility how rare, flexibility developments I can imagine it with clear vision

Movement pattern - run fast over though Williamsburg - over bridge - over river- NYC - back 3 miles nice time nice day 100 sit up, 20 push up repetition

Laying on vally forge monument with sporky natural object in mouth with both eyes closed

I'm with that, that moves

25 pushup 110 sit up resistance train nike train stretch repeat Williamsburg - physical bridge - "east river" <-- ( east of something ) --> NYC - over water content

Impressive speed considering recent sleep deprivation and lack of fluid

Clean climbing contrasts against those styles which can have environmental effects ( "leave no trace" )

4 mile embody run, medium time at medium speed, BK-Williamsburg BRG - NYC - repeat - climate condition exemplary 115 crunch 35 push ups frame stretches and best ^ balancing in a high place

I climbed up, viewed island Manhattan, in a attempt to capture height, I saw it for was it truly was - A huge vibrating clitoris woman

Moving through a city made up on shadows

I have to run places for the sake of accomplishing multiples

This beta but - Broadway - Williamsburg Bridge x2 back / Williamsburg Bedford rough 4.5 miles running fast 30x 35x 35x 100 sit up rep / rest / split open stretch 30 push ups repetition raw life

4 miles Williamsburg / bridge / NYC / Williamsburg with exceptional time 35 push up 130 sit up / feeling body opportune / deep internal external stretch

Movement thought to not stop running

Boundary align BK Williamsburg bridge reverse it 4 miles relative pace pick up bridge speed with liquid attachments 40 pusUps unknown # of siting up but a lot acute central stretch + some minimal downward dogs butt up

It was when they were going for speed and distance


Feel like someone is punishing me from behind

I masterbate to my own dreams coming true. This time, lie down on your back and try it

I feel the sexual thought through the hole ripped into my dress, the negation seems unnatural. I know it is purely destructive, no positive content but desire

Aggressive sexuality statements, exciting / sicko

The conversation of these others is arousing in part because it is wrong to be sexually arousing in this

Screw to memory of riding a ghost , gonna leave my tights on to my soul being drilled away

Miss griping the bones. Face down self fuck position

Shadow blocks sun, eyes open, look up his words " you shouldn't put things you pick up off the street into your mouth " response: are you sure ?

To comment about earlier, why I put that painful thing in my mouth and shut it, still unknown

The more I loose is the more I win and I would suck on that rotten fishbone if I had the chance to, that's oral

My whole body got sweaty, I came to the idea of it coming into me, It was a to the dark deepest fuck I've ever had. It was to the bogeyman

Sort of when the chest opens with sexual tone speaking on both low and high keys, neck twists owl 360

Met you for the first time in the place where I now sit, you were nervous / dirty, I could tell you were a liar, I was turned on by all this

Orgasm to escape into permissive / promiscuous behavior, length including arousal time - a hard boiled egg

" The heart knows that when the nipple becomes an agent of the sun, everything else is over. "

I thought I wanted to be in the middle but I didn't know where I wanted to be which became intimating and reversed itself

He is nervous I can tell by his breath pattern, it's an extremely strange situation I created, we are listening in time but time not simulated as the computer is

I have got the most perverse, I take my tool for granted, I feel alive

It was seventeen years old

The presence is like a light switch that turns on when it is near and I need to fuck

Abdominal muscle in rhythm, noise in the other room but the body holds on quiet

Behind me My heart beats out of my chest The humming bird is motionless flutter in front of my face

No one knew eye lids shut bite blood from my lip in the granite shower

I like my head to be fucked, that look when the eyes go blank

Desire to do it the way you did it before you learned it was wrong

One person who has had the ability to glimpse behind those scenes, we forever relate it, pure tangled possession

I invited 19 year old thing to sleep with me, but I made it clear we have to leave the clothes on

Unobtainable sentimental moment experienced while sunrise ^ aprox time 6.33 AM

Two live in dreams


Current situation of " liminality " is exact

A deep longing for a vegetable, cooked for three people based on intuition of hunger, feeling a little anemic

Inquiry : into male dietary conditions, the effects of a male nutritional consumption - Beginning : Today to eat the diet of Nik Kosmas for the next 15 days

Male diet continuation and accord addition of vitamin intake analysis

Dietary tracking is alright for now but proves difficult as my body understands it's not my normal consumption

Nik drinks coffee black and water which is compatible with my own system

Diet effects on mental attitude : yes

Popeye diet - pure spinach - blood orange - protein - typical

Feeling dietary effects in very positive way both physically and mentally, he has brilliant way of materializing food, not consuming what is not needed

Believe it has do with conditioning, pallet preference, and gender

I also really enjoy consuming what someone else does in regiment, it feels controlled my own body has such a particular food way, stomach pain from his intake

Strayed from diet and it makes me feel inner sabotage, feeling demoralized, pitiful, dampened over it

Physical and mental complexity in accord with not consuming what you choose

Temperature of intake is what I appreciate, never hot never cold

He reached the breaking point

Comfortable withs diet my own craving what proves difficult to concur, made food only to realize I couldn't eat cause it's the schedule my brain was a trick

Two more days of male diet, Im going to be fine but you cannot imagine how ready I am for female diet

Digestion is an element of life but I'm still not sure it's a requirement to live

Baby Girl Picket, cannibalism feels today

Lily's dietary intake becomes companion to advisory body = complimentary algorithm

She smokes a certain way, her speech pattern, becoming severely infatuated with her

Female food conditions seem to be based in texture / flavor, food satisfies deeper subject rather than purely nutritional necessity * It is noticeable with every bite

Eating birthday cake for baby girl picket

She had her birthday cake in the morning, first thing, I could not share that taste

Here is baby girl with birthday candy which @ExistingSelf will enjoy in future - self fulfilling

Nik showed me that spinach is A superfood

Baby girls omelette, we know she only likes it one way

Food thought : female hormonal balancing acts

I believe that people should have the choice to eat another person after they die


Replace : memory : your silhouette with the hand that pulls you into a computer

If you want to earn more money you should start an online business on the side

I feel like a little indian just walked out of the cupboard

Focus lies in macrocosms not micros

Bridge between is easy to manifest and cross today

I'm staring into the open vein it is cold and you can't take your shoes off

A better question is why can't it see what i don't want to see before me, reverse that - I see what I don't see

Technology work with and through me, I wish attend a program via Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Now to begin, Self-destruction is a lesson well learned, ending what one loves is an end to itself

@beafremderman were, at one point in this life estranged. I consider this point past, and I extend to her, I invite her to a game of TRUTH or DARE, 3 times, anytime, of choice to perform with @ExistingSelf

With this, I attempt to offer you my heart, showing you now the honesty and bravery that I didn't have the courage to show before

To live in a world where you are not immediately specialized sexualizer boxed

@ExistingSelf I dare u 2 record u self reading the communist manifesto wearing nothing but ur sexiest lingerie & eating a snack of ur choice

I'm sure the communist manifesto reflects our time in more ways than we currently comprehend, On Your Marx

How can we make a law against something not yet conceived

To state on the record, the subject of modern social construct which I was speaking on earlier, is my battle

Born to create it, and if I am not making art, all I want is for someone else to be making art about me

Anarchy in the belly of that trojan horse until it vomit's out bloody CEO's and demonic angel investors' who rob the people of their dignity

You cant see me because you don't see personal truth, you cant take me because the scales of justices are way weighed down

Watch it's set to perfect time

Maybe If I gave myself a lobotomy and uploaded it to @YouTube, the ideas and amounts are inconceivable

Play with social structure, filming the future moves, We Begin

There is a lot of expectation on an artist to interpret the creative world around them in terms of commerce' - counter productive

I went to an island where they cut my hood off, degraded my space. I just saw you take a picture of me with your little camera phone, why did you do it

OPEN for manifestation

I had " un-sortable emotional problems " for a year of life, for one hour, I went to a room sat ammoung people who were severely mentally challenged, I am thankful

August 28th, 1963 Coordinates Latitude : N 38Ā° 53' 20.1134" Longitude:W 77Ā° 3' 4.329"

Kneeling at the alter for ashes to ashes and they all will fall down, if it is the church that separated us, they will pay for drilling the well ' we will all get our pennies back

I guarantee you this, you will soon see an open door which you will walk out in freedom


Future outcomes are so inspiring it is pure joy

Reflections are to big to know and the deeper I go the more it opens up

The outcome chilled me to bone

I don't think I will say much when this is all over

Almost met the script parrallax . prayers

It's abstract but I also feel that there is favoritism with in the synergy, therefore wont be misunderstood in the end

Social networking web is a self projection, counter to concurrent existence, becomes ritualistic, preying on the human habit form

A manipulation of the identity crisis of present - era, is exploitation of human alienation and loneliness, only further isolating us from each other, and they call it " connecting "

This is impart a greater structure of gorilla advertising, using weakness of mental process, what we lack, in effort to sell product, is anti connection, non verbal, no body language, 100% pure projection

Say what you desire out loud

No one can control the privacy @google you know where I am, that's fine

It's beautiful in the most manipulative sense but I would rather be texting or making out

Today I will fulfill my own destiny I will achieve statement

Recognize the power of the single thought from the success @twitter

Organizational proportions, bendable yet rigid like a helix, I know I am larger than those coordinates, bisecting internet space

Reduce wide-ranging quantities to smaller scopes

Precious detailed finger taps, envisioning advanced infrastructure will be one of my jobs

I can see now how the mind moves, multitasking is integral, thought processes compartmentalize when you chart it

This is, A one way trip

I reached down into my own soul and signed, It was resourced from the depth of my entire being, I would give up everything that has ever happened to see it

Search results are fine with me, I'm actually seeking those myself

The art work makes me so nervous it keeps me up all night


"@ExistingSelf truth: who will you kill, fuck, marry?

I had to put the god details in, I'm in divine positioning, It is momentous

@ExistingSelf is @ the the finale chapter yes, but it's important to know that although she is finished performing, SHE goes on forever

I am a threat to the Internet . Those numbers relate to each other on tiers with patience in in-betweens


For 34 days January 2th7 2012 - Feburary 29th 2012 @ExistingSelf performed onto @ExistingSelf everyday in everyway


It's difficult and it is a liar

Words that remind me of a particular manipulation I was subjected to

When you are in it you can't see it

The presence is pain, sneaking around the corners of my It's saying that you hate your objects, you hate what you have done

Been estranged from my own mother for past nine years +, guess that's why, kind of painful exposure to sensitive issues in the second person

See him cry into my dead eyes

I could break the room with my teeth assholes * I smashed it to bits now I'm in the bath of time, I belong in a bath full of hourglass

Sadness because significant who truly understands me is going far away, together we go places others can't go, unspeakable things have transpired between

I'm not feeling well, I don't know if I want to live any longer, the fact that I want someone to die makes me not want to live

An occurrence like a bat swinging full force to back of my skull and I can't begin to describe the damage that has been done, those words delete themselves as I type them because it's so unbelievable

Longing to vanish into the midnight black like the little dog

She says " Im your mother loathed tones " I wanted to tell her that I love her but I can't

I had a woman in my life who played mother for 3 years because mine was sick

A blooming garden of painful emails

I saw it with a raw eye, I rubbed it out, my own language was an anomaly, I felt a heart spilt, and I walked for the one who would not walk

I got used, I'm pretty sure I'm okay with that < Id take my insides throbbing over being dusty by choice

Just a light bulb in the dark and rooting for you. Actually. Always was

Demolished my worth diminished my concept of morality

Possession of another is a dangerous way

How many times did you use your tear reflex as manipulation in your life, memory trace - I still feel that mind has a desire to torture me in the sick way

I'm sorry if I ever kept you where you didn't want to be, I idolized you so much, you equaled what I was not at the time

I know it was not a weak interaction. I can't be sure now what it meant, as that sort of intimacy and closeness to a soul

My own mother was not right, it was not her fault, born from oppression and knew night was black from very early on

The approval abusive seeking relationship inside

There is a damsel in distress who I wish I could save

Went with a hammer to it, cut my hand open it bleeds

I'm INSIDE the language abyss, I have no connection to reality, I have never been so alone in my life

Was a subtle way of implanting image of your mouth holding mine, it worked

The expiration date on this fruit is almost up


I was wearing a confusing outfit in my dream, shoes were a pair that I own but every other article does not exist yet

Had a piggy back ride in dream from someone who I know, Initiated by the phrase " Analisa let's play " I am blushing

A mirror, ceiling to floor 5ft wide in the middle of a room with nothing

A box that mimics a eclipse and I have put something indescribable (soft black) in and behind the hole

Here some women in my dream sitting on stools watch a projection

My abuela was 1 of 11 children and I see I am crowd surfing all 11 siblings

A memory : holding hands in a stairwell together the first night we met, A dream : a mega club with no sound

Because ' where I was crawling beneath a collapsed tent and finally when I made it to edge, still on all fours, I was shot in the head

Forget the expectations of anticipatory events fold into origami

Green seed swirling until it went down the pipe for the dirt to filter through it

Heavy dream interacting with my father, he saw me hiding from him it was of no consequence

Tapped I feel shapes floating with sleep thought, playing a game of levitational tennis with Spencer Ashby, it was a match with no court, no racket, and no physical ball

Surreal in every sense of the word I am still sinking with it , look close you will notice head phones are not plugged into anything at all

Hold me I'm falling my finger tips are cut and the cuts got filled with dirt, I lost my print so now I don't have a name

Think of the first time someone was put into shackles and enslaved ever

Sound of a burning cigarette is same sound as when I am in bed and my father sweeps the garage at that age

A prayer for non violent death

Vegetables grew around a dead body, when I free it, I free a promise to forever ring those chord's

Saw a spirit in his shrine

I dont believe in dates I believe in relevance

Our lives together being

The sky went into a spectrum neutral color upwards

I have to look at the world clock to remind myself measurement of time is a construct

The reason I made the choice to reject was because world is so fanatic, imagine I never wanted to be anywhere but here

It is rippling harder than I could ever even attempt to convey, I am in full public tears in nervous what

To Alex when he owned a mouth, and could see smoke in slow motion over bath water breathing

I want to be ambidextrous and use both hands at the same time

If I sleep I won't wake up

Feeling sure that one has already witnessed current situation, even the exact event


Spiral. It's breathing

Lit the rice spiral on bed of rice burning concentrated

Some things I look down on because it's difficult to look them into the eyes

I'm frightened by the power of the art I have

We crawled out of the woodwork

Alex left, I had my three friends take me into the woods, bury me naked and leave me there

So beautiful I never showed anyone

I see that angle, it's from where you can't be seen

The ocean and clouds reflect each other, they are both colorless because of it

It is a skeleton full of light

Preparing to burn a spiral in place of birth at dawn, burner that's involved with mystery of destruction to an opening, natural time 6.35 AM with spiral placed

Latitude 42.705387 Longitude 83.103817 - Position, fixed at early life

Liminal absorption what it is to burn at both ends with means

It is why I like to watch people swimming underwater, also why I prefer women with dark brown hair, why I like people to sing to me

It is a pure wet piece that had a lining and now has a insulation instead

A measure of grace

Absence . Avoid . Release

There are no surprises in perfection of details when they are inspired by deep inside, a message from someone who lives inside

Everything is bending as though all the bottles of water in the universe exploded face up

I saw flames projected on a cathedral that covered it's vaulted facade like wall paper

Mimic . Ruin . Spiral

At the bottom of twisted metal grids behind a door and up stairs

Prepared to burn spiral in a zone with unknown dimension and illegal parameters , all the addition takes a lot out of me at the core. I can only approach this one object with full focus

Flew up in the air

One enjoys the object it relates to but cannot quite obtain on it's own

Work in series

Swear I'm always hanging from the ceiling

Interested in unidentified chip implants found when operational clinical surgeries are performed at hospital

1/2 hours max aura I feel like an animal 100% handstand mode

Use a spacebar or arrow keys to navigate