Cognitive Synergy

A work by Analisa Teachworth
In conjunction with the show NEXT TIME

Spanning between the dates of January 27th – February 29th 2012
I the artist will perform experimentations, on the self – over the duration of approximately 34 days

The objective of this ‘self –experimentation’ is to question what it means to exist and reach maximum life impact.

The artist will be subjecting herself to the following experiments methodically documenting the experience of the minds movement process via the server - cloud ' known as twitter reaching a semantic analysis of the results on February 29th 2012

• Normal modes < peak and non-peak
• Fluid / rigid mind interaction
• Fluid / rigid body dynamics
• Dietary conditioning
• Physical density inquiry
• Vitamin processing
• Conscious / un-conscious dimensions
• Meshs
• Self similarity
• Arithmetical similarity
• Being imprinting
• Erotic strategy
• Sexual response
• Practical tracking
• Location conditions
• Boundary conditions
• Waking sleep states
• Nocturnal sleep states
• Manifestation
• Precise affirmation
• Meditative states

The collected algorithms of the artist will be ultimately compiled as data to form a higher construct of navigation and reveal management for the self who exists dually in a natural / un-natural (computational) realm.

By analyzing the self I attempt to examine and solve the problems within my own particular human revolution, building one thought at time a structure that creates a cognitive synergy.

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©Analisa Teachworth Cognitive Synergy™